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Translia - They will get the job done fast, and offer real time monitoring of the progress. There's also a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
One Hour Translation - Real time human translation available 24/7 for people who don't like to wait.
Click2Translate - One of the world's leading online translation service providers. They have several hundred native speaking translators in-house, which gives the benefit of a fast-turnaround even on larger jobs. Click the button on the left for full details and an instant quote.
Norwegian Translator - Norwegian Translator offers translation, proofreading and subtitling. Specialized in English to Norwegian translation.
Vietnamese translations by native Vietnamese translators - Novalingoes is a translation service that specializes in English into / from Vietnamese translations by native Vietnamese translators. Novalingoes offers its clients top quality Vietnamese translations at surprisingly affordable prices.
Brazilian Portuguese Translations - Looking for Portuguese Translations? We provide translation services from English to Brazilian Portuguese and vice versa with native quality at highly competitive prices.
Svepo Translations - Technical Translations from Swedish and English To Portuguese - based in Sweden
The EUSERE Translation Company - Legal, medical and technical document translation services. Professional DTP services for translated materials.
Vietnameses Translation - Translation service in Viet Nam
Yoshino Trad - English to Japanese translation services.
myGengo - Simple Human Translation - Translation was stuck in the past. Before myGengo, you could only get free, fast, awful machine translation or expensive, slow human service. Instead, we provide fast, super low-cost human translation good enough for almost all situations, via an easy-to-use website. Our unique new services let ordinary people publish and read foreign-language content from around the world. That's simple human translation.
English Chinese translation service Shanghai - Shanghai Yuyi Translation Service is a well-established language-related service provider based in China's largest economic center of Shanghai.
Polish translator and interpreter UK - Polish translator based in UK. Full range of translation services. Polski t³umacz w Wielkiej Brytanii.
Global Village Translation - Through experience, on-going rigorous quality control checks and the strictest of standards, we have carefully selected the most proficient, certified translators for their qualifications, experience and proven competency in completing projects efficiently. 100% Human (no gimmicky corner cutting software). All major languages covered. Express Service. Complete Language Translation & Interpreting based in London & Somerset – Get an Online Quote
Translation Services - We provide translation services for companies worldwide. Our translation services are reliable, accurate and price competitive.
Traducciones - By 1Global Translators, a translation agency from Spain, with solid experience and a commitment to provide excellent translation, interpretation and other language services
English Agency - Czech Republic - English Agency - Providing professional translating and interpreting services throughout Prague and the Czech Republic. Our services help benefit people and businesses constantly by providing a high-quality and cost effective service, which is also tailor-made to suit your needs.
BBT - Professional Translation Services - A professional translation service located in United States which consist of translators experienced and competent to translate documents in many fields and languages such as Hebrew or Spanish.
Odista Professional Serbian-English translation services - Odista is a professional translation company, dedicated solely to the English-Serbian-English translation pair and employing native English speakers proficient in Serbian.
Traducciones juradas - Traducciones juradas realizadas por expertos españoles, traducción jurada profesional online.
Portuguese Translation - Transportuguese offers Portuguese Translation Services at Convenient Prices
Ming Guang Translation - Chinese/English translation services.
English to Spanish Translation Service - Cheapest English to Spanish translation service on the Internet. From €0,06 per word, no minumum number of words, 100% risk free payment via PayPal. Native English to Spanish translators.
Website Translation Services from WorldAccent - Website translation and more! Expert translation, web and typesetting services from multilingual team.
The Latin Translator - Professional translator offers accurate low-cost translations of all kinds between Latin and English - academic, mottos, tattoos etc.
Translation Service 24 - is a full-service translation company providing translations to major European companies
Swedish Translation Service - English to Swedish translation of your websites, software, marketing material and business communication.
Machine Translation software for everybody - Multilingual translation software on the Pragma engine for English, French, German, Kazakh, Latvian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian. Free on-line translator and stand-alone software for different Windows applications.
Chinese Translator - Professional Chinese language translators at BB Mandarin are qualified to provide you a neutral Chinese or district-targeted Chinese translations including Cantonese and Mandarin languages.
Translation Services - English to Hindi - We are in the field of English to Hindi Translation and have adequate experience in the same. We use most common CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools, such as Logoport, Wordfast, Idiom Desktop Workbench, Translator Tool4 (TRT) etc. for the translation purposes. Presently we provide translation services in English to Hindi language pair.
Small World Languages - Providing language services such as translation, editing and language training.
TransitTranslations - TransIt Translations is a small translation business specialising in translation from English to French and French to English. The agency is managed by two NAATI accredited translators, each specialising in translation into their mother tongue. With TransIt Translations, you receive the guarantee that your document will be translated by a native speaker of the target language.Established in Perth, the company has been operating for the last 2 years, gaining valuable experience in the fields most relevant to Western Australia: mining and corporate documents. It also provides sub-contractor services for major translation agencies all over Australia. By commissioning TransIt Translations for your translation and proofreading work, you will be in direct contact with the person in charge of your translation, reducing costs and time taken. You will be dealing with experienced professionals who value their customers and know that the quality of their work is the reason behind their success.
Agency-Translation company - Polish translation services agency delivering a wide range of language services at competitive rates. Specializing in business, economy, marketing, legal translations.
Asia Translate - Professional Asian language translation services in Singapore.
Translate to Chinese - Providing translation from English to Chinese and vice-versa in all areas of business and commerce, specialising in the sectors of Accounting, Finance, Banking, Commercial Contracts and Marketing. Professional, and academic translation/interpreting services in Simplified Chinese, Mandarin to English and vice versa.
Blue South : Professional High Quality Language Translation Services Australia - Blue South is a translation agency which provides language translation services from English into the languages of the world. Blue South is ISO 9001 certified and works primarily for large exporters, translating the technical and promotional documentation.
Document Translations Services, India - A professional language translation and interpretation service provider dedicated to providing accurate and culturally sensitive document translations and interpretations services.
English Spanish Translation - At Spanish Translation US they have English to Spanish translation experts with capabilities to handle any English Spanish translation project.
ConfianZa - Quality Translation - ConfianZa Translation offers translation mainly between Danish, Spanish, and English, but we can also be of service for translations to and from French, German and Italian and interpretation between Danish and Spanish or Italian via our network of professional translators. Our translation work is of the highest quality
Spanish Translations. English Translation. - is a company, specialized in the field of spanish translations and related services. Legal and website translation.
Professional Translation Services - All-Translations provides professional translation services in a wide range of subjects and languages.
Perez-Simons Content Solutions - Internet marketing and website translations from English into Spanish.
Traductor Jurado - Empresa española de traducción jurada profesional online que ofrece los servicios de traductor jurado inglés, francés, alemán, italiano y portugués.
Foreign Language Translation - A professional language translation and interpretation service provider dedicated to providing accurate and culturally sensitive international communication services that meet and surpass industry standards.
K International plc - K International plc provides translation services, interpreting and design.
Language Translations Company - California Translation International is one of the leading Language Translations Company offering Document Translations and Interpretation services.
Ungarischer Sprecher, Synchronsprecher, Übersetzer, vereidigter Dolmetscher - Ungarisch, Sprecher, Übersetzer, vereidigter Dolmetscher, deutsch-ungarisch, ungarisch-deutsch Ungarischer Sprachendienst in Deutschland
English to Spanish Translation - English to Spanish Translation Specialists.
Beijing Chinese Translation Service Agency - large translation service company, founded and managed by several experts from well-known universities in China such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University and Shanghai Communication University, etc
Chinese simultaneous interpretation - a leading translation agency in China providing document translation, simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation between Chinese and dominant languages worldwide, i.e. as English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Italian, etc.
Traduction technique - est une agence de traduction. Notre équipe de traducteurs en langue ... Agence de traduction créée en 2002 : Traduction technique, scientifique.
Spanish Translation - Convert English to Spanish.
Beijing Chinese Translation Company - A large translation service company, founded and managed by several experts from well-known universities in China such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University and Shanghai Communication University, etc.
French Translation - E.P.A.'s proven team offers professional translation services in many European languages to meet the needs of a wide range of clients.
English to Chinese Translation - Need professional English to Chinese or Chinese to English Translations? Look no further, go to!
Lead To Asia Translation and Localization Co. - A professional translation and localization company based in Hong Kong, specializing in Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and more.
Interpretation and Translation - All Your Language Needs with Thousands of Professional Interpreters, Translators, and Linguists
U.S. Translation Company - Expert Translation, Interpretation and Localization in Over 100 Languages
Quality Translation Company - HQ-translate - Translation agency delivering high quality language services at excellent prices. Working with all major languages: English, Czech, German, Russian, French and many more.
English To Portugese - BB Portuguese provides English to Portugese translation services with 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Spanish Translation - Spanish Translation Solutions Trusted Translations, Inc. Quality professional Spanish translation Services at the best prices by expert Spanish translator teams.
Translation Services - One Stop Shop Translations - One Stop Shop is a specialised localisation and translation vendor offering over 100 languages.The company provides services including Interpreting, Language Translation and Website and software Translation.
English To Spanish Translations - "Our goal is to help you transmit your message in Spanish,safeguarding all the nuances of your communications,thereby giving your business a significant competitive edge".
Wise Translation Service - Translational company of best translators is bridging language gaps. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - professional translations for you.
AMlingua – Russian Translation Services - Russian translation services by native speaking Russian translators for personal and business letters, technical documents, web sites, and much more. Low cost and quick turnaround are guaranteed!
Certified Translation Services - Professional translation services and translation jobs.
AventA Translation company. Kiev. Ukraine. +380 44 223-25-33 - Professional language translation & interpreting services for business and technical documents
Language Translations - - Source to find the language translations service providers around the world.
Dickens Translations - Professional translators providing the highest quality translations service between English and Italian.
Spanish Translation - Translation agency in New York. Translate Spanish to any language!
Professional Translation Services - Offers a language interpretation and translation service with expertise in over 100 foreign languages, from Arabic to Zulu - with French, German, and Japanese translations and ensures that each translator and language interpreter has native fluency in the target language, expertise in the subject matter, and years of professional experience.
Spanish translation - Professional translation between Spanish and English languages. Personal, technical, medical, legal and financial translation.
English to Russian translations - High quality professional translation between Russian, Ukrainian and English languages. Affordable prices, qualified native speaker translators.
Translators Town - Translation services for documents, books, technical manuals, websites. Search our database for professional translators and request a free quote.
Qingdao Senior Translation &Consultation CO,.Ltd. - Qingdao Senior Translation &Consultation CO,.Ltd.
Translation Services Company - Translation and Interpreting services provided in over 170 languages. Experts in areas like Phone Interpretation, Written Translation, Onsite Interpretation.
Lingo2Lingo Translations - Lingo2Lingo's Professional Translators can translate your request (no matter the size or subject) from English into any major language and from any major Language into English.We offer with a complete guarantee that your completed and certified translation will be accepted no matter who the recipient is. Our translators are accurate, fast, low cost and discreet.
Your Spanish Translation - Your Spanish Translation is a trusted provider of Spanish translation services located in Tampa, Florida and Medellín, Colombia. We concentrate mainly in Spanish to English translation and English to Spanish Translation.
Daxinya Translation -
CNX Translation - Thai Translation Service - Provides translation and proofreading services from English > Thai > English for personal letters, documents, brochures, advertising and marketing, emails, catalogs, websites and more.
Text Translations - Argos Translations is a leading professional translation services provider, offering also localization services along with voice over and DTP work.
ASK Translation - One of Europe's leading translation companies translating into all languages and subjects.
Axis Translations - Translation services of websites, letters, business documents and other documents into all language combinations.
Multilingual translation services - Professional translation services for businesses and individuals in all sectors of activity.
Russian and Ukrainian text translation - Our company is engaged in translating of different documents from/into English,French, German, Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian and Arabic. We guarantee you a high qulity as we work with the native speakers. Payment of translation services is possible by means of postal and bank transfer, WM, PayPal, E-Gold, PayCash.
Adelaide Translation - Offers English/French translation services. Handles English-to-French and French-to-English translations exclusively. A Canadian company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Language Translation Services - This company provides technical translation, localization, proofreading and editing in German, English and Hungarian. Their areas of specialty include electrical, engineering, marketing and finance fields. Our site also includes The Glossary of Translation and Interpreting Terminology.
Multilingual Translation and Software Localization - Translation and software localization into/from all CEE languages.
Spanish Translation - Trusted Translations, Inc. is a leading provider of professional Spanish translation solutions.
Saeculii Professional Translation Service - Tokyo based online translations service offering Japanese - English translations in computer, internet, business and commerce fields.
China Interface Ltd - Specialise in Chinese Translations - Technical & Commercial
Russian certified translators - Russian and Ukrainian translation services. Documents translation: POAs, diplomas, transcripts, corporate documents, personal letters, marriage, birth certificates. Technical documents translation.
Amadeus Translations - A leading international translation agency with a worldwide network of translators.
Language translation services from Blue South - Agency in New Zealand and Australia for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, European, Arabic and Hebrew languages, web sites and typesetting. - Translations - English to Spanish/Spanish to English.
Translation Agency Ability - Translation services network offering texts translation, website and software localization, in more than 400 language couples.
Technical Translation - Translation company Lingo24 offers one of the best technical translation services on the web.
Edge - translation for over 80 different languages
Translation Services - Universal Dialog offers translation services with a focus in the Life Science and Pharmaceutical industries.
Spanish Translation Services - Quality Spanish Translations, Spanish Editing & Spanish Proofreading - Spanish Translation Services Agency offering Spanish translations, Spanish proofreading & Spanish editing. Expertise in the healthcare, medical, academic, education, restaurant, human resources, financial, retail, and publishing industries. Specialist in Spanish website translation.
Qualingua translation agency - Austrian-based online translation services in and from most european languages - High quality, low-cost English - Vietnamese translation service. Get your documents translated by native speakers.
European translation and localization: French, German, Italian, Spanish, English - IT, agricultural, marketing, medical translation and localization services into major European languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish, English, Portuguese) of manuals, brochures, websites, software applications, packaging Help Systems, data sheets, contracts, etc. Desktop Publishing services for Mac and PC (QuarkXpress, Illustrator, FreenHand, Photoshop...).
The Right Translation At The Right Price - All-language translation company, specializing in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.
Altair Russian Translation Bureau - Quality Russian translation from the major European languages. Fast, cost effective. Russian language solutions in every field of translation, globalization and localization
Russian translation services - Technical, legal document and adoption dossier translation services plus web site localization.
Spanish English Translations - Spanish Translation agency offering localization and technical translations. Other languages include French, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc.
General Documentaion Resources (GDR) - will translate documents from and into all major languages of the world.
Redmondian Insight Enterprises - A canadian company specializing in translating and copywriting from Thai, Malay and Indonesian to English.
Applied Language Solutions - Translation services for 140 languages and all types of documents.
Language Translation - Translation Services, offer quality foreign language translation services from top translators/interpreters including localization and interpretation, of medical, legal, and financial documents.
Accurate English to Russian Translation UK - Accurate English to Russian translation service by native, specialist Russian translators for businesses and individuals. Competitive rates, custom packages, friendly service, based in the UK.
Shanghai Translation City - The Shanghai Translation City offers an extensive range of Chinese/Japanese/English translation and interpretation services to tourists, individual, small and medium large size enterprise. Company based in Shanghai, China.
Multi Language Translation Services - Multilingual translation services in all languages using experienced native speaker translators at very low cost.
Media Movers, Inc. - Full service localization company offering services in dubbing, subtitling,voiceovers & production in Asian,Indian & European languages.
Cross Cultural Translation - Cross cultural communications consultancy, language training and translation services. Translation - french to english and english to french translation service. They specialise in designing web pages in french, based on your pages in english.
Arabic Translation Services and Interpreters - London-based company offering Arabic translation, interpreting, DTP, website design and Internet marketing in Arabic language.
EnglishClick - Offering translation from Spanish to English to Spanish.
Unique Translations - Gateway to the future of worldwide communications. Offering Top Quality, Professional, and Inexpensive Translations and Interpretations.
Professional Translation Company - All-Translations Company provides professional translation services in a wide range of subjects and languages.
Translation Service - Spanish Translator - Translation specialists in 148 languages offering online foreign language translator expertise to the industry and small business worldwide.
Pro-Tran Website Translation - Pro-Tran translates websites faster and more cost-effectively than a "standard" translation company.
Norbert Zänker & Kollegen - Dolmetscher und Übersetzer - Berlin - translations for law and economy to and from german, english, spanish, french and italian. They specialize in conference, tribunal and television interpreting.
Translation Services Agency - Translations offered from and into most languages at competitive prices by native speaker target language translators.
Interpretext, Inc - Translation, interpretation, revision, and corporate language solutions for languages from all over the world. Official certified translations available. - Spanish, French, German, English and multiple language translation services at affordable rates.
Timasearch - Farsi Translation and Search services offering translation between Farsi (Persian) and English or French.
Moment Translate - offers translation and interpreting services to private and corporate customers and is working in the major world languages in different combinations: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, French, Czech, Polish, Belorussian, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese. Quality translations at a reasonable price.
A Idem, tradução - Translation Services - Professional translation service with extensive experience in areas such as technical, commercial, legal, proofreading, website localization, locution, simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, audio transcription, software localization, dubbing, subtitling and website development. Their most frequent working languages are Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Greek, Norwegian, Swedish, Romanian, Finnish and Russian.
Traduction - Translation services in French and German. Also hosts a translation forum for you to communicate with others.
Asian Absolute - Language Translation Services from Asian Absolute. Including marketing, new media, typesetting, design and copywriting, web-sites and consulting.
Language Translation Services: Schreiber Translations - Translation and interpreting services provided in over 90 different languages. STI specializes in patent, legal, scientific and business translations, as well as personal documents, transcripts and other materials. Free estimates are provided.
World-English Global Communication Services - the translation arm of World-English publishing. They can translate almost any type of document into or out of almost any language. They only use translators who are highly-qualified and experienced native speakers of the target language. Also online proofreading and editing service.
Global Translations LTD - They help you maximize your business opportunities worldwide by providing a wide range of innovative globalization solutions, including website and software localization in over 30 languages.
Translation services BeTranslated - Professional translators offering technical and commercial translation services in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and German. Affordable Language Services - Need to save money on your foreign language projects? Need quality work on a budget? Contact them for details.
JSC Programmist - a translation company from Belgorod (Russia), that has been in business since 1992. They have both technical and scientific translators and are well versed in other scientific fields such as history and military history. They offer English-Russian translation, editing and proofreading services.
Translation Services Russia - International corporate law firm specializing in legal services including legal translation, company formation and registration in Russia.
Lengua - for web site translations. If it is a web site that you need translating, it is better to use a specialist. This is because the content of html codes will also need to be translated. Many search engines, and some web browsers will react badly if this is not done correctly. Although not the only company to offer website translations, Lengua specialise in this area, and offer a wide range of language options.
Admcity - for those who want to do business in China. With a population of 1.4 billion people, you don't want to miss China! Specifically aimed at companies who want to get into the Chinese market, Admcity offers a full range of Chinese translation, web hosting and marketing plans. While many top translation companies ignore Chinese, Admicity specialises in it.

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